Seagulls' Blog 13.9.19

What a busy start to the new academic year it has been for the children in Seagulls!

Firstly, we wanted to say what an amazing start that all of the children have made to the new academic year.

This week we have truly started with an extremely busy timetable. This has included beginning our…

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Magpies' Blog 13.9.19


What a great start to the school year!

The children have settled well and are enthusiastic and excited to learn. This week we started our new topic on The Ironman and began the week finding a mysterious iron arm in the school hall. This really fired the children’s imagination as we…

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Wagtails' Blog 13.9.19

What a fantastic first full week back we have had! We have all settled in really well and have shown how hard we work and how dedicated to learning we are!

We have started our new English topic ‘Cave Baby’ that is about a cheeky baby who loves to paint on the walls of his cave. As you can…

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Robins' Blog 13.9.19

Well we have been in school for 2 weeks and what a 2 weeks they have been.  We have been very busy Robins: setting out how we can make our classroom a happy classroom and how we can show we are always following the Ozzie’s Way.  We have been making lots of new friends and having lots of fun.  

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Blackbirds' Blog 6.9.19

A good start to the year as Blackbirds have settled well into year 3. This week we have been focussing on what our expectations are for making a happy, learning classroom and what our class rules are.

You might have wondered why your child has been asking you to tell them their address,…

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Eagles' Blog 13.9.19

Welcome to Eagles’ Blog! 

Eagles have had another very positive week. Many children earning raffle tickets, blurt beans and House Points! We will also be introducing Dojos this week for extra encouragement. The children are settling in so well to Year 6 and responding well to all the extra…

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Sparrows' Blog 13.9.19

Sparrows loved exploring Cave Baby this week. We have re-told the story using masks and acted out the story. We enjoyed our lesson so much that we used the masks in our continuous provision for the rest of the week. 

In our science lesson, we looked at parts of the body and started painting…

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Starlings' Blog 13.9.19

Starlings have had an exciting week this week! 

It started by finding a metal arm in the school hall on Monday which had been taped off by the police even before Mrs Weaver had arrived in school! We have started an exciting new book - The Iron Man in our English lessons and our new house point…

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EYFS Blog - 13.9.19






Friday 13th September


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THIS WEEK – During our Come and See (R.E) activities we have been thinking about what God says about us - “You are precious to me, I love you, I know you, I know your…

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Owls' Class Blog 13.9.19

Settling In

Owls have had a really good start to the new academic year and are raring to go! Myself and Mrs Smith are really enjoying getting to know the children better and are very proud of how well each child has settled in after the Summer holidays. Thank you for helping the children to be…

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