6 March 2020


Our Wednesday word champions for this week are Annabelle and Jared who try and be like Jesus in all that they do. Well done to the both of you.


Well done to Oliver and Joseph this week. Oliver who always demonstrate positive behaviour in all that he does and Joseph who always looks after his class mates. Well done to both of you.



During Come and See, we held our end of topic celebration and shared all that we have learned about this topic.

In Literacy, we listened to the second half of a story “ The tiny seed “and thought about other describing words that we could use within the story, the children came up with some interesting words to describe the mountains, the ocean and the desert. Within our heads down activity, the children wrote their own descriptive sentence about where the seed travelled. In phonics, we have learned the sounds oo and oa, reading and writing words with these sounds in them as well as simple captions with these words in them i.e. The goat is in a boat. We have recapped the the key words we, me, be, she, he, was, my, they, all and introduced the word you.

Within Maths, we have continued to work on addition and have learned how to use a number line to count on to find the answer to the number sentence. We recapped the numbers 11-15 and introduced the number 16. On World book day, the children used their reading and addition skills to crack the code, to find out which toy is Barnaby bears favourite. They found out that Barnaby loves to play with his boat.

During the afternoon, we have learned about the different parts of the plant. The children constructed their own flower and named each part. We looked at the work of the Van Gogh and created our own sunflower pictures using either paints, chalks or tissue paper. Some children decided to use a mixture of media. We also used the instruments to tap out the beat to the song we worked with last week.

In dance with Anne Garner, the children started to learn a dance about toys. Mrs Garner used the music from The Nutcracker for the children to dance to.


WEEKEND CHALLENGE – New spellings sent home this week, keep practising them. If the children are confident at writing these words, ask them to put the words into a sentence and write a sentence on the back of their sheet. Also, keep going over the diagraphs sh, ch, th, ng, ai and ee.


WORLD BOOK DAY – The children looked fantastic in all their story character costumes. We had a day of listening to stories and writing about their favourite characters. Congratulations to Amaya who won the story book potato character competition. Well done to the rest of the children who participated too, we could see that a lot of effort was put into all the designs. Thank you for supporting school.


PARENT INTERVIEWS – On Monday, you will have the opportunity to book an appointment for our second parent interview of the year. Parent interviews will be on Monday 16th March where you will have the opportunity to view your child’s books and discuss their progress.



Learning Journey files go home – Friday 13th March

Parent Interviews – Monday 16th March

Mother’s Day Assembly – Friday 20th March

End of term – Thursday 2nd April 3.30pm  

Enjoy the weekend; we look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Mrs Gill, Mrs Ridings, Miss Davies, Mrs Hanway and Miss Woolley.

Posted by Martyn Ode on 6 March 2020

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