28 February 2020

Week one of spring 2 done! It’s been a brilliant week and the children have returned to school after their February half term full of beans but ready to learn.  

This half term, we are having a big push on spelling and vocabulary in Wagtails so we have a couple of new displays in class to help us with this. As we enter the classroom, we have to ‘break the code’ to enter. The code is made up of six words that we all have to read and ‘high-five’ before we enter. These words are a mixture of Year 2 common exception words, words children are struggling to read and spell, and words children can add to their vocabulary. We also have a ‘word of the day’. We spend the first 5 minutes of everyday looking up the definition of the word and practising using the word in a sentence. We are all encouraged to use the ‘word of the day’ throughout the day in our work. 

We are very lucky to have welcomed Miss Ethel to our class who is a trainee teacher. She is working alongside Miss Silver for two weeks, getting to know everyone and learning how we work at St Oswald’s. She will then return in May to complete her placement. She has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone’s individual personality this week and the children have took a shine to her warm, caring nature. 

We began our two-week English unit on The Owl and the Pussy-cat by Edward Lear. We have explored the themes of the poem, wrote in role as the characters and created lists of items they could take on their honeymoon. We have revised capital letters, contractions and conjunctions and learned how to add the suffixes –ful and –less to root words. Look out for words such as ‘fearless, hopeful, hurtful, careless and many more in our work. Next week we will innovate upon the poem to create our own versions.  

In Maths, we have started our Multiplication learning. We began by recognising and making equal groups. For example… 

There are 4 equal groups with 3 in each group. 



We then added these groups. 

3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12 

This is called repeated addition. 


On Thursday, we introduced the multiplication symbol (x). We now know that… 

3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12    is the same as 

4 x 3 = 12 


Next week, we will look at the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 


Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 is here. The whole school took part in a range of Fairtrade activities on Tuesday and Miss Silver has set a lovely homework task this week of creating something based on Fairtrade to be displayed on our ‘Fairtrade Fortnight display’ in class. She is looking forward to seeing all your creative projects.  

We also had a special visit from Wendy and Jonny this week who run Ninja Warrior Kids. The children have tested their confidence and resilience and have learned about growth mindset. Wagtails loved the challenge course and approached it with a positive and determined attitude. Well done everyone! There are plenty of pictures on Twitter and Flickr for you to see. 

Our Ozzie’s champion of the week is Harrison. Harrison has had a fantastic first week back working extremely hard and impressing everyone with his Maths skills. He is very polite, caring and honest. He shows a lot of respect towards the adults he works with and make everyone giggle with his crazy personality. Well done Harrison on achieving this special award! 

Posted by Martyn Ode on 28 February 2020

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