28 February 2020

Friday 28th February

An exciting week this week. Owlets and Eaglets have started a new topic on Growing and have planted their own seeds and can’t wait for them to start growing. We also had a special visitor – Jonny Urszuly – from Ninja Warrior who came into to work with the whole school and helped them to complete his Ninja Warrior Kids obstacle course. Please check Twitter to see the photos - @saintoswalds 


Our Wednesday word champions for this week are Ruby and Charlotte who try and be like Jesus in all that they do. Well done to the both of you.


Well done to Martha and Miah this week. Martha always uses her manners and demonstrates positive behaviour in all that she does and Miah always tries her hardest in all that she does and has come back from her operation really positively and has got involved with everything. Well done to both of you.



During Come and See, we listened to the story – Jesus blessed the children and acted it out as a class. The children also completed an assessment to see what they remembered about the Mass we acted out before the holiday.

During Literacy, we have started a new topic on growing and listened to the first half of a story – The tiny seed. Within our heads down activity, the children wrote instructions to show how we plant a seed. In phonics we have learned the sounds ai and ee, reading and writing words with these sounds in them as well as simple captions with these words in them i.e. I need to wait for the bus. We have recapped the key words we, me, be, she, he, was, my, they and introduced the word all.

Within Maths, we have completed a pre-learning task for our new topic on addition. We have learned vocabulary related to addition – add, plus, more, and, together. The children have been introduced to our addition monster who is helping them with their addition. They have also been using counting equipment and their fingers to answer the addition number sentences within 10 and 20 if the children have been ready.

During the afternoon, we have investigated which conditions seeds need to grow best. The children planted seeds and placed them in different conditions – some with no light, some with no water, some with no soil, some with water, soil and light. The children found out that seeds grow to be the healthiest with water, soil and light.

On Thursday and Friday, the children completed the Ninja warrior obstacle course with Jonny. Thank you, Jonny, for giving the children to opportunity to succeed in something that many children thought that they wouldn’t be able to do. We are very proud of all the children for completing the course. Mrs Gill completed it and found it very difficult. Well done Owlets and Eaglets.

We also learned a new song about seeds which we sang to the tune – Do you know the Muffin Man?

Curl up like a tiny seed, tiny seed, tiny seed.

Warm sun is what you need, so you can start growing.

Drink the rain and start to rise, start to rise, start to rise.

Stretch up tall and open arms wide,

Now the flower is showing.


WEEKEND CHALLENGE – New spellings sent home this week, keep practising them. If the children are confident at writing these words, ask them to put the words into a sentence and write a sentence on the back of their sheet.


CREATIVE CLUB – Our first block of sessions starts Wednesday 4th March. The parents of the children in this group have been contacted on our see-saw app. The parents of children in block two have also been contacted.


WORLD BOOK DAY – Don’t forget to bring in your potato head characters on World Book Day Thursday 5th March. The children are also able to come to school dressed as their favourite book character.



World book day – Thursday 5th March

Learning Journey files go home – Friday 13th March

Parent Interviews – Monday 16th March

Mother’s Day Assembly – Friday 20th March

End of term – Thursday 2nd April 3.30pm  

Enjoy the half term holiday; we look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Mrs Gill, Mrs Ridings, Miss Davies, Mrs Hanway and Miss Woolley.

Posted by Martyn Ode on 28 February 2020

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