16 February 2020

Does anyone else have that Friday feeling? Woohoo it’s half term and we are all certainly ready for the break. This year is flying by and our brains are certainly getting bigger and bigger due to all the hard work and commitment. 

Love is certainly in the air today as many pupils have been exchanging gifts and cards. There has been a warm, cosy atmosphere in class with lots of smiling faces. Miss Silver and Mrs Costello would like to thank the very kind children who gave them a lovely present too. We are feeling very loved and your kindness is greatly appreciated. We especially loved our ‘2 minute’ handmade cards – Miss Silver’s handbag is filled to the brim! Mr Latham will be getting jealous! SHHH! 

We finished the week completing our Odd Egg unit. The book has been a huge hit with the children and it has been one of our favourites so far this year. We have learned many new grammar skills including how to use an apostrophe for possession and using the prefix –un. The short unit allowed us to apply our new skills in a range of independent writes including a diary entry, advice for Duck and a non-fiction ‘Egg Spotter’s Guide’. The children’s ‘Egg Spotter’s Guides’ were incredible and Miss Silver was so proud she had to show them off! She took nearly half the class to Mrs Wibberley’s class to highlight their fantastic work to other children and staff. They were also sung our ‘PROUD’ song!  

In Maths, we completed a short unit on shape. We identified and described the properties of 2-D shapes, including the number of sides, and line symmetry in a vertical line. Many practical activities took place as well as a range of problem solving and reasoning tasks. We created imaginative shape pictures and solved riddles on geoboards using elastic bands. 

Safer Internet Day was on the 11th February and we took part in celebrating this with the theme: Together for a better internet. We put the focus on how young people explore and express their identity online. Everyone has their part to play in making the internet a better place, including you! Here are the tips we looked at on how to help everyone stay safe and positive online: 

Let's create an internet where we are.... 

  1. Free to be ourselves 

Be proud of all the things that you enjoy, and keep on trying different things too. If there are new activities that you want to do online, ask an adult first to help you find them - to check they’re ok for you. 

  1. Free to be kind  

Remember, the rules that you follow every day in real life also apply when you’re on the internet. It’s important to treat other people the way that you would like to be treated and always think about their feelings. 

  1. Free to play 

It’s really important that your parents and carers know what you enjoy doing online, so that they can help you when you need it. Using the internet together as a family is really fun, and you’ll be the best teacher when it comes to showing everyone your favourite games! 

  1. Free to be safe 

Some parts of your identity must stay private. This is your ‘personal information’ - which includes your name, date of birth, home address, school address, email address and passwords. 

  1. Free to talk  

If anyone, or anything, online makes you feel worried, upset or uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult straight away. The sooner someone knows how you feel, the sooner you can be helped. 

We had a fun but informative afternoon and learned a catchy song (which you can listen to on twitter) to help us remember how to stay safe online. 

As well as all the Internet Safety Day fun, we also listened to the new Thomas The Tank Engine story which was read live online by a policeman who works on the railway. The new story is linked to railway safety. We took part in the live quiz and we even had a shout out for our school! YAY! 

In DT, Mrs Fox helped us to create 3D models of rockets and space ships. This linked well with our transport unit in History with Miss Lea. 

In Computing, we created patterned eggs on the software Paint using the skills we’d learned from starry night last week. Mrs Wibberley taught us how to save and print our finished pieces too.    

In Science, we looked at parts of a plant and went into further detail on which parts of a plant we can eat. We looked at a range of vegetables and fruits and created our own farms with the plants we would like to grow. We described how we would look after our farms to make sure our plants grow big and healthy. 

In RE, we started our new topic on ‘Meals’. We talked about the special meals we have had with our family and friends and after half term, we will look at Jesus’ special meal – The Last Supper. 

Well done to the Super Sophia this week for receiving the Ozzie’s Champion certificate. Sophia’s confidence has grown immensely which has allowed her to constantly put her hand up in class and to even stand up in front of everyone, be recorded for Twitter, and read important information out for everybody. She also received her pen license this week and has continued to produce beautiful work. She is such a polite, happy girl who we love in class. Well done on being such a super star Sophia! 

As it is half term next week, there is no homework so you can fully enjoy your week making lots of memories. Enjoy the break, stay safe and make many new memories. See you all with happy faces on Monday 24th. Don’t miss me too much! 

Love Miss Silver and Mrs Costello xx 

Posted by Martyn Ode on 16 February 2020

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