14 February 2020

Another busy week this week to end our first half of the spring term, where has the time gone? Owlets and Eaglets would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s day. Our focus in CW was love and how we can show love towards others, one child in year 2 said “Love is free. It doesn’t cost anything to show love.”


Our Wednesday word champions for this week are Oliver and Grace who are always good role models in all that they do. Well done to the both of you.


Well done to Louie W and Callum this week. Louie has shown resilience and determination when completing his work and Callum has been kind and caring towards others. Well done to both of you.



During Come and See, we had a special visitor. Deacon Paul came into school to talk to the children about how the parish family gather in church on Sunday for Mass. We role-played a simple Mass with Deacon Paul. The children responded to “ The Lord be with you “ with “ and with your spirit .” As a class we worked together, to create a poster to show who and what we see and do at St Oswald’s church.

During Literacy, we listened to a new story – The Smiley Shark, talking about the characters, events and settings in the story. Within our heads down activity, the children wrote about their favourite event from the story. In phonics we have learned the sounds th and ng, reading and writing words with these sounds in them as well as simple captions with these words in them i.e. I had a bath/I am the king. We have recapped the the key words we, me, be, she, he, was, my and introduced the word they.

Within Maths, we have recapped the names of the 3D shapes and the language of faces, vertices and edges when talking about these shapes. The children enjoyed playing the feely bag game where they had to guess the shape that their friend was describing, we are so proud of how much the children have learned about 3D shapes over the last few weeks.

During the afternoon, we looked at some artwork depicting the ocean and created our own wave pictures using shaving foam and food colouring. The children used different tools to create a wave texture in the shaving foam/food colouring mix and then took a print of it. Charlie said, “we had to put our names on the back of them because they were well good “ and that he had “ had a fab day.”

In gymnastics with Anne Garner, the children learned how to perform a safe and controlled jump from a bench and created their own sequence of a shape, jump, travel and shape.


WEEKEND CHALLENGE – New spellings were sent home this week, keep practising them. If the children are confident at writing these words, ask them to put the words into a sentence and write a sentence on the back of their sheet. Over the half term keep practising the key words he, we, me, be, she, was, my, they so that the children can read these on sight. Also, keep going over the diagraphs sh, ch, th and ng.


CREATIVE CLUB – Thank you to all the parents who returned their creative club slips. Just over half of the children have shown an interest in attending the club, which means that I will need to split the children into two groups and have two different blocks. Over the half term, I will split the children into their groups and send home information about which block your child is in the first week back after half term.


ASKING FOR ASSISTANCE – There has been a few concerns raised by parents regarding head lice. Please be vigilant and check your child’s hair daily.



World Book Day – Thursday 5th March – dress as your favourite character and dress a potato as a book character

Learning Journey files go home – Friday 13th March

Parent Interviews – Monday 16th March

Mother’s Day Assembly – Friday 20th March

End of term – Thursday 2nd April 3.30pm  

Enjoy the half term holiday; we look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Mrs Gill, Mrs Ridings, Miss Davies, Mrs Hanway and Miss Woolley.


Topic Information for second half of the Spring Term

Growing topic – The tiny seed, Jack and the Beanstalk, Spring

Communication, Language and Literacy

ROLE PLAY – Outdoor – garden centre prop box

POEMS/RHYMES/STORIES – Main story focus - Tiny Seed, Jack and the Beanstalk.

Other Poems/stories can be found in – EYS wishing well plants book, Themes growing book – 67-80.

LANGUAGE – plants – parts of a plant and life cycle words – seed, etc, types of flowers and plants.

Reading – shared and guided reading sessions.

Writing – labelling parts of the plant, writing instructions on how to plant a seed, create a poster. to show the tiny seed how to plant itself correctly, writing about Jack and the beanstalk story, captions about spring, writing their Easter cards.



Looking after our outdoor area.

Taking care of the seeds we have planted.

Litter picking around school.



Mrs Garner – Focusing on Dance this term.

LPA – using platforms, mats, benches, a frames.

Action rhymes – pg 44 here is the corn, pg. 49 the bulb.

Handwriting sessions linked to our letters and sounds sessions.

Using scissors to cut shapes for pictures of plants and flowers.



SSM – height – ordering the beanstalks according to height, measuring the height of our bean plants.

Dice games involving addition.

Dot-to-dot pictures – ordering numbers to 20.

Repeating Pattern – making patterns with flowers, petals on the flowers.

Counting activities within 20.

Addition activities – using petals/leaves on flowers to make number stories.

Build a plant dice game (similar to beetle drive).


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Concept map of what they know about growing – seeds, plants, flowers and growing.

New Life Walk – looking for signs of spring.

ICT – My World – life cycles – animals and plants.

Colour Magic – pictures of plants and animals.

Cutting open fruit to observe the seeds.

Life cyles – planting seeds – beans, cress and sunflowers and sequencing the life cycle of a seed.

DT designing and making a seed packet for the garden centre.

Making flowers for the garden centre.

Design and make scarecrows.

Looking at how trees change throughout the different seasons

Investigate and draw bulbs and seeds.

Conducting investigations to answer the question - where do seeds grow the best?

Looking at features of plants and flowers and labelling them.

Predicting what our planted seeds will grow into.

RE – continuing with our gathering topic and starting a new topic growing.


Expressive Arts and Design

Painting – sunflowers – looking at Van Gogh’s work.

Observational drawings – flowers, plants, bulbs and seeds.

Clay models of flowers/plants/trees.

Paper plate flowers.

Mixing shades of green to create our plant pictures.

Creating a mural of flowers and trees for the outdoor area.

Making Mother’s day and Easter cards.

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